Hi Everybody, Fall is Here 🙂

Reminder that the studio will be closed for Columbus Day on Monday, Oct 8th

Also, we are now following a new Fall Schedule (minor changes) and we have a couple of great events and workshops planned – including a VIP Yoga & Tasting at Ingleside Vineyards.


At Peace of Mind & Body Wellness Studio, we encourage you to “Lighten Up and Loosen Up” at your own perfect pace.

Our founder Aliya, has been living and teaching a yoga based lifestyle since immigrating from India over thirty years ago. Aliya is certified through the Yoga Fit program and has been instructing a wide variety of age groups in yoga, stretching, meditation, and sports activities to children, adults and senior citizens at Fairfax County Parks & Recreation facilities, as well as retirement centers, and studios. With both of her parents born in India, Aliya has lived her entire life in an environment of meditation and movement, and she truly enjoys the opportunity to teach others how to find their inner peace and harmony.

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