Latest Success Story
Dear Aliya,
About 2 years ago I had a traumatic brain and spinal column injury.  For the first month, I could barely stand without falling down. It took months to begin to walk without a cane. A short walk around the block wore me out. Prior to the injury I had been very physically active. When I began exercising again, it was next to a wall with no or very light weights, much to the amusement of those who didn’t know about my injury but knew I usually worked with much heavier weights. I smiled and said “light weights are fine”. Then I started yoga. The first time I was able to do a tree pose, I cried. I was actually standing unsupported on one foot and balancing. Something I could not even attempt 6 months earlier.
The right side of my body still has difficulties. But the left side works. Yoga is the perfect format for the left side of my body to teach the right what to do. Over the past 18 months, my body has reorganized itself around new neural pathways to overcome damaged former pathways. Slow, steady and consistent stretching and balance exercises, like yoga, have restored my ability to do most everything I would like to do and return me to an active life. I set a goal and trained for it — run the 5K Insane Inflatable in October of 2016. It wasn’t pretty. I walked part of the way. My legs were shaking before I was done. Young children managed to stay ahead of me. But I did every obstacle, had fun and finished. It was 18 months after the injury.
I’m here to say, “you can do it”. Just keep trying.