Kind Words From Our Family of Students

Hear from our community how Peace of Mind has made a difference in their lives

I’ve been coming to Peace of Mind & Body Yoga studio for about a month and a half and I started coming because I was looking to have some more movement in my day, and more mindfulness.  Since I’ve been coming here, I’ve really noticed kind of a whole body affect. I’ve become better trying to regulate my emotions throughout the day getting less angry, and I’ve been able to incorporate more mindfulness practice. Throughout my day in general, my body just feels better. I highly recommend the studio to anybody interested in yoga or more mindfulness exercises.  It’s a really non intimidating environment and it really can be adapted to any type of person whether you’re returning to yoga like I was or if it’s your first time to it. I think you’ll find a great calm here and a great coach and great people to practice with


I’ve been coming here to Aliya’s classes for about almost 2 years. I came initially to start to move my body more but I think what’s interesting is that not only have I progressed physically, but I think what we do here in class mentally spiritually through meditation and through breathing has been probably the biggest thing for me.  It’s helped me with anxiety and it’s helped me be more mindful and present ~Katy

I’ve been coming to Peace of Mind & Body Yoga for two years now and it’s really helped me in a lot of ways in growth and mentally and physically.  We go over a lot of things like the word of the month and these type of the things help me think about the things in my life that I can deal with and help myself and I really enjoy it. ~Curt

I started here at Peace Of Mind body right after I retired because I was looking for something to kinda make me feel better.  I was expecting to be just feeling better physically, but I feel so much better emotionally that I can deal with stress. I can let things go that shouldn’t be bothering me. I am very happy inside as well as out, and the physical part is important, but not nearly as important as what the spiritual journey has been for me