Yoga, Nutrition and Oils for Arthritis

Feeling stiffness in your back?
Having pain in your knees and wrists perhaps?

You are likely to be suffering from arthritis, a disease which causes inflammation or swelling of the joints.

Learn how practicing yoga regularly, along with proper nutrition and the use of essential oils can reduce joint pain, improve joint flexibility and function, and lower stress and tension to promote better sleep.

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Thai Yoga Massage & Reflexology Workshop

Saturday, Feb 1st 2020 – 12:00 – 1:30 pm

$40.00 Pre-Registered / $50.00 Walk-in (Space Available)

The Thai Yoga Massage & Reflexology Workshop is a fun and gentle introduction to provide a basic understanding of the techniques and benefits received from a reflexology and Thai Yoga Massage.  This includes breathing principles, poses and alignments, meditation and relaxation.

The Thai Yoga Massage practice offers a full body treatment that will involve many benefits including:

  • Clearing energy paths
  • Relieving tension
  • Calming the nervous system
  • Improving blood circulation